Daily Schedule

From monday to monday : 7:30 morning reading 8:00 breakfast 9:00 planning, news, bloging 10:25 relax 10:30 working 12:00 lunch, nap 13:30 working 16:00 tea time 18:00 dinner, late news 18:30 working 21:00 free time 0:00 reading 1:30 good night

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Git Essence

CVCS (Centralized Version Control Systems) like SVN, CVS etc. DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) like Git, Bazaar etc. Git Status: modified, staged, committed

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Install Git on Windows

1. Install msysgit http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/ 2. Configurations 3. Public-Key for Github Copy the content of \.ssh\id_rsa.pub to GitHub -> SSH Public Key -> “Add another public key” 4. Test your connection 5. Create your project – trickle’s Repository 6. Adding new files 7. Push your commits to master branch 8. Checkout your project 9. Pulling from […]

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Being a Controller

I like it, yes, being a controller. I like this kind of feeling, controlling everything. Share everything I can share. Learn everything I can learn. Handle everything I can handle. Spend 110% time than others. Make 110% effort than others. Take 110% works than others.

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Redmine on Ubuntu Server

1. Installation and Configurations (1) Install apache and mysql (2) Install redmine Now redmine is running on http://localhost:3000/ (3) Apache configurations RailsEnv production RailsBaseURI /redmine PassengerDefaultUser www-data Include /etc/apache2/redmine.conf Now redmine is available on http://localhost/redmine (4) Chinese support Choose default language : zh (5) Within local area network Perhaps you get your ip as […]

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