Flow Flash AD using JavaScript and SWFObject

This article shows how to create a flow flash ad by using javascript together with swfobject. @see getScroll.js @see http://code.google.com/p/swfobject/ The ad-flow.js goes here :

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JavaScript Get Scroll Information

The script goes here : getScroll.js

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Introduction to MongoDB

Installation on Windows : 1. Download and install http://fastdl.mongodb.org/win32/mongodb-win32-i386-1.6.5.zip unzip mongodb-win32-i386-1.6.5.zip to D:\mongodb 2. Create folder where database located 3. Start mongodb server 4. Web tool : http://localhost:28017/     5. Client tool for mongodb 6. Create collection called mytestdb and limit the size (in fact we must use client tool) 7. Driver for windows […]

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Version Control with SVN

1. Create trunk from proj_src(source code) : 2. To checkout the project : 3. Add tags and first release : 4. Generate working copies for developers, special offer or someone else : 5. When finished : 6. Delete ? 7. Merge revisions of branches into trunk 8. Revert merge

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Introduction to NodeJS

1. What is node.js and what does it do? Evented I/O for V8 JavaScript. To provide a purely evented, non-blocking infrastructure to script highly concurrent programs. 2. Basic concept : blocking and non-blocking 3. Amazing Video by Ryan Dahl – Introduction to NodeJS 4. Download and install 5. Make the doc and read (optional) 6. […]

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