The TCP/IP and OSI Network Models

@See The OSI Network Model The OSI (Open System Interconnection) 7-layer reference model defines a concept of moving information between networked computers. It describes how information flows from one end-user application through a network into another application. This model is considered the primary architectural model for inter-computer communication. Each of the 7 OSI layers are […]

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Subversion on Ubuntu Server

1. Environment Ubuntu Server 10.10 Subversion 1.6.6 2. Install Subversion 3. Local Checkout 4. Local Commit and Update 5. Http Checkout (based on apache) <Location /svn/myproject> DAV svn SVNPath /home/svn/myproject AuthType Basic AuthName “myproject subversion repository” AuthUserFile /etc/apache2/dav_svn.passwd <LimitExcept GET PROPFIND OPTIONS REPORT> Require valid-user </LimitExcept> </Location> Checkout myproject with : http://yourhost/svn/myproject Commit using kim/mypassword […]

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Nginx and PHP-FPM for Ubuntu

1. Install and Start Nginx (a) use apt-get (b) compile from source 2. PHP Repository and Install php5-fpm (deprecated from php5.3.3) 3. Config Nginx 4. Start PHP-FPM

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Sending email by crontab and sendmail

1. /home/www/mailq/ 2. crontab * * * * * cd /home/www/mailq; source;

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