PHP Coding Standards – Preview

Zend had provided the guidelines for developers and teams working on or with Zend Framework.   Details posted on :   Within the guidelines we can see 2 subjects for coding standards :   No.4 PHP Coding Standard (draft) – It’s the basic php coding standards for developers.   No.10 ZF Coding Standards (RC) […]

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Basic of Dojo

We can import the package of dojo toolkit everytime and everywhere using CDN provided by AOL or Google Api. The size of it is only about 30k :     The current version of dojo is 1.3.0 while 1.4.0 is under development. So far it has perfectly explain what’s so called Ajax, Json and RIA […]

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Caching application.ini for Zend Framework apps

In most of the time we build our application using Zend Framework, we make index.php as the entry which creates the object of Zend_Application and it’s configurations such as Application.ini.   But it’s very expensive when reading and parsing the Application.ini for every request.   It gave me inspiration to prevent parsing the ini for […]

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