SVN Setting eol-style

When using SVN in team coding, we need the unified end of file descriptor for all the repository files. Usually it’s LF(line-feed) which is the end of line char under linux.


SVN has supportted this feature as svn:eof-style option, making all as easy as below.


(1) Config file:


For Win (usually):
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Subversion\config :


For Linux (usually):


(2) Add option list:


[codesyntax lang=”ini” lines=”no”]

*.php = svn:eol-style=LF
*.phtml = svn:eol-style=LF
*.pl = svn:eol-style=LF;svn:executable=*
*.c = svn:eol-style=LF
*.cpp = svn:eol-style=LF
*.h = svn:keywords=Author Date Id Rev URL;svn:eol-style=LF
*.dsp = svn:eol-style=CRLF
*.dsw = svn:eol-style=CRLF
*.sh = svn:eol-style=LF;svn:executable=*
*.txt = svn:eol-style=LF;svn:keywords=Author Date Id Rev URL;
*.png = svn:mime-type=image/png
*.jpg = svn:mime-type=image/jpeg
*.js = svn:eol-style=LF
*.css = svn:eol-style=LF
*.html = svn:eol-style=LF
Makefile = svn:eol-style=LF


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