SVN Setting eol-style

When using SVN in team coding, we need the unified end of file descriptor for all the repository files. Usually it’s LF(line-feed) which is the end of line char under linux.   SVN has supportted this feature as svn:eof-style option, making all as easy as below.   (1) Config file:   For Win (usually): C:\Documents […]

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Version Control with SVN

1. Create trunk from proj_src(source code) : 2. To checkout the project : 3. Add tags and first release : 4. Generate working copies for developers, special offer or someone else : 5. When finished : 6. Delete ? 7. Merge revisions of branches into trunk 8. Revert merge

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Subversion Post Commit Hook

1. Create post-commit hook2. Hook with Shell 3. Hook with PHP

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Git Essence

CVCS (Centralized Version Control Systems) like SVN, CVS etc. DVCS (Distributed Version Control System) like Git, Bazaar etc. Git Status: modified, staged, committed

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Install Git on Windows

1. Install msysgit 2. Configurations 3. Public-Key for Github Copy the content of \.ssh\ to GitHub -> SSH Public Key -> “Add another public key” 4. Test your connection 5. Create your project – trickle’s Repository 6. Adding new files 7. Push your commits to master branch 8. Checkout your project 9. Pulling from […]

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