Setting Up Zend Framework

How to setting up your Zend Framework environment? This is an old question since 1st version released at 1st July, 2007. Here I will show you some of my experience as much as possible.


1.  php set up


Php download :


Ver.5.29 is recommended as the steady version before php6.

Requirements here :


Installing php :


And I won’t teach you how to setting up your apache and mysql(mssql).

Apache docs :

Mysql docs :


Ok, you are lazy, then the following softwares must fit you :

xampp :

Zend Core :

wamp : (only for windows)


PS : Please enable your rewrite_module of apache as it’s in use for most scenes. And also expires_module because of performance optimize in furture.


2.  Zend Framework download and installation


Download latest :


Installation guide from official :


The trunk will be really the best for you in getting fresh if you are familiar with SVN :


Un-zip your Zend Framework package and put the Zend folder within your library as something like :



Then we should make it into your include_path with several ways :


(1) In php.ini :

For unix : include_path = ".:/www/library"

For windows : include_path = ".;c:\www\library"


(2) Within .htaccess :

For example : php_value include_path ".:path"  (not for linux)


(3) Within your application which is best flexible and optimizing :

For example : set_include_path(‘/www/myproject/library’ . PATH_SEPARATOR . ‘other/path/’ . PATH_SEPARATOR);


PS : We usually put the path of Zend Framework at the first place in order to reduse the scanning time.


3.  Start with Zend Framework


Test in your index.php with :

[codesyntax lang=”php”]

require_once 'Zend/Version.php';
echo Zend_Version::VERSION;



Ok, you see it? Then going on to enjoy the powerful Zend Framework library.


The nabble community is famous and is the right place to answer your questions :


For sure the quickstart from official is basic and helpful :


And the next is <<getting started with the zend framework>> by Rob Allan :


What about the books? Here are some of them.

« Zend Framework in action » –

« Guide to Programming with Zend Framework » –

« ZF Certification Study Guide »

« ZF Programmer’s Reference Guide »


The first two are good for newers and the third one is for someone who want to pass the Certification of Zend Framework which is really professional. There is nothing to say about the Reference Guide as you can’t live without it everyday.


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